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Giorgia Marino. 8 april 2005

"Don Giovanni is a fascinating theatre-music performance that combines Mozart with electronic samples and soprano sax with tarantella. Furthermore, it is a clear example of how the director Gabriele Boccacini and the artistic nucleus of Stalker Teatro are operating on the marginalized territory of the suburban area of "le Vallette" Turin.

The concept would by rights belong to the field of utopia but on the contrary, the result is quite real: a big crowd eager to get into the theatre to see, or better to "participate" in a theatre show that has turned out to be a real event for the entire neighbouhood.

Words like "partaking in culture" or "creating a territory identity", that often sound like pretentious intellectual constructions, have found substance in the reality of the many kids, teenagers and adults that gave life, on and off stage, to a collective performance of the kind that borders on a self-celebrating rite of a community."

A theatre immersed in music, narrating the story of Mozart's Don Giovanni: the theatre space substantially coincides with the stage.

A contemporary work of music and theatre, in which the main characters are represented/passed through by wolk-on figures: a role with which all participants, actors and spectators, can identify themselves.

A single theatrical body, a chorus made of actors, musicians and the many citizens involved in the performance, open to the direct participation of the spectators.