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la nebbia della lupa
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don giovanni

© Adele Bennie 16 October 2002. - Published on EdinburghGuide.com

"It starts with the individual journey guided by one of the performers torchlighting each person through dark corridors, stopping to read morsels of text. From there on as we follow the route of Odysseus' journey we help to row, 6 at a time on oars paddling our way through the space, we see ourselves in the mirrors revealed in the denouement of the Circe scene, wonder at the weirdness of the island of the lotus eaters and finally partake of the toast at Odysseus' celebratory feast. Through all we are guided by the performers, a mix of local participants and members of Stalker Teatro from Italy.

Through all the scenes the story is narrated by Louise Allan and her Italian counterpart Adriana Rinaldi. Part siren and part Penelope, their powerful and poignant voices lure us into the story with a lyrical beauty that gives structure, meaning and colour to the event."

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