Invisible Cities

What is it that makes a city – the buildings?, the people?, the history?, the visions? … and can we perceive these things through our own eyes?, or those of an outsider?, or a child? The performance “Invisible Cities” seeks to answer some of these questions.

Concept: Gabriele Boccacini
Original score: Alberto Ezzu
Performers: Stefano Bosco, Dario Prazzoli, Sara Ghirlanda, Silvia Sabatino, Adriana Rinaldi, Erika di Crescenzo, Gigi Piana
Light design: Andrea Sancio Sangiorgi
Support: Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Turin City Council; in collaboration with: Cittadellarte – Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation; International premiere: Marstall Theatre Munich (DE)