[kara short form for karaoke + oche «geese» in Italian language] is a staging of a karaoke bar frequented not only by people but also by geese, lobsters and giant roasted chickens.
It is a theatrical experience that mixes the atmosphere of a karaoke bar with surreal elements. The staging of the venue will be inspired by karaoke bars where anyone can perform songs of their favorite authors, surrounded by performers disguised as unusual characters: geese and other guys that dance, sing and serve tables on stage.

KaraOCHE works on the boundary between observing and being observed, on the gap between reality and fiction, between human and non-human.
The challenge is to make the viewer active, participating and creative agent in the dramaturgy.

Choreographer Lucia Di Pietro

Performer Nicola Simone Cisternino, Giordana Patumi, Sara Sguotti Scenographies developed with the Course in Visual Arts at IUAV, in Venice. Costumes Rossana La Verde
SoundDesign MarcoTesta

Musics Battisti-Mogol, M.Jackson, M. Masini, T. Ferro, Rihanna, Prince, E. Iglesias, Cardi B, W. Houston, L. Dalla, B. Mars, G. Michael, F. Battiato, I. Fossati, Drake, L. Fonsi, A. Lauro, etc.
Production Stalker Teatro, SIAE Per Chi Crea 2023

Production period_ may/november 2024