The Chairs

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities” and “The Chairs” by Eugène Ionesco, “The Chairs” is a participatory performance that puts collaboration and community center-stage. Hundreds of chairs for an interactive urban event with a striking visual and musical impact that bridges contemporary art and live performance.
The “chair” as a symbolic object of the audience’s condition becomes a creative tool for involving the public.
The theatrical space, before limited by safety rules for social distancing, becomes a place of fantastic creation in which everyone becomes protagonist of a collective adventure.

Concept: Gabriele Boccacini;
Original score: Riccardo Ruggeri / Alberto Ezzu;
Performers: Adriana Rinaldi, Dario Prazzoli, Sara Ghirlanda, Erika Di Crescenzo, Gigi Piana, Stefano Bosco, Elena Pisu, Anna Rinaldi;
Light design: Andrea Sancio Sangiorgi;
Production: Stalker Teatro Support: Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, Turin City Council;
Co-production: Mirabilia Festival – International Circus & Performing Arts (IT);
in collaboration with: LE PÔLE scène conventionnée d’intérêt national (FR).


> France 3


> Selected for FNAS Showcase 2023